Director of Photography

uSpark Valley is a new political multimedia studio for Millennials and Gen Z audiences in the San Joaquin Valley that strives to captivate and inspire a new generation of potential voters by highlighting the progressive issues they care about and spark change in the Valley.

Cinematographer, Editor

This is the work I am most proud of. One day, I suddenly decided to start formally chronicling my son Tanner. I love to watch him learn new things and have new experiences. Hopefully one day many years from now, I’ll be able to go back and watch him growing up for hours and hours.

Director, Writer, DP, Editor, Voices

For several years, I helped my good friend Daniel make a bizarre, mildly inappropriate, often unhinged “rules video” for a youth church camp. Over the course of years, we developed a familiar cast of characters, and this video represents the culmination of this strange universe and storyline.

Director, Writer, DP, Editor

I am exceedingly proud of the writing in this, another rules video, and I think Milton the Milkman could easily become a household name thanks to Brandon’s performance. Sidenote: numerous small children have seen this video and LOVE it, particularly when he says “I’m a kitty!”

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