Director of Photography

The challenge on this shoot was to maintain light consistency. We shot all day, and had to make use of very limited grip gear to control sunlight which arched perpendicular to the set. The daydream shots were shot at 30fps to give them just the slightest sense of unreality.

Director, Writer, Director of Photography, Editor

A meditation on the transitory nature of existence and the contentment that can be found in it.

Co-Director, Co-Writer, Director of Photography, Editor

This was a 3-week production, with a largely volunteer cast and crew, involving numerous locations, and two broken-down vehicles that required lot of maintenance and creativity to get the necessary shots.

Director of Photography, Editor

A simple, yet abstract, short film written and directed by a good friend, Ben Walker. 

Director of Photography, Editor

For this short film project, the goal was to accomplish a series of long takes, often involving  extensive blocking for the camera and talent.

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